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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Setting out on a Final Fantasy - Meet our Heroes!

In anticipation of Final Fantasy XV being announced for PS4 (and XB1) the other day at E3, I thought it would be fun to go back and play through the Final Fantasy series in order.  No small feat, I"m sure...but I'm feeling cheeky.  I've been neglecting the Space Dungeon and there are cobwebs everywhere.  The prisoners have all died of hunger, so I'm not all alone up here.  What better way to ease my loneliness than  to immerse my self in a quest of epic proportions.  I'm hoping that this undertaking will compel me to fire up the space dungeon on all thrusters and get some more damn prisoners in here!  You can't have a space dungeon if you don't have any prisoners!  How can you have prisoners if you neglect that space dungeon?  You Laddie.....Yes!  YOU!  Stay Still......

Okay that was weird....I went all Pink Floyd on ya there for a minute.  Okay, what do you say that we get this party started!

Ah yes.....that old chestnut.  It's been a while since these words have played across my screen!  Well....best get to it!

Oddly enough, I started out wanting to play this on my PSOne version (prettier graphics and all) but then I decided to go old school and do it NES style.  I wasn't planning on starting my quest with this particular run...it was only meant as a test, hence the ridiculous names I gave my characters:  

 Meet Barz!  A Red Fighter with a sordid past.  His parents sold him at the tender age of four to a den of thieves to pay off gambling debts.  The thieves tried to train him in the ways of a criminal, but Barz just didn't take to it.  What he did excel at was fighting.  And so he was forced to fight in underground fight clubs, where the fights were usually fixed.
When he accidentally killed another young fighter, Barz escaped and swore that he would never harm another innocent.  He spent three months wandering and hungry before Degh found him in a back alley scrapping for food.

Johnny Degh, a martial artist who spent the early part of his career as a movie star.  Fame and fortune went to his head and he found himself face down in the gutter with no home, no money and no work.  Scrapping himself together, he hitchhiked his way across the US, heading for a new start in Maine.
However, one dark night on a back road in Pennsylvania, he came across a small Chinese restaurant.  He was down to his last few dollars, but he was starving.  The restaurant was open, but there were no customers.  A lone chef stood behind the counter.  Johnny pleaded for food, offering to work the food off by washing dishes.  The chef nodded and disappeared into the kitchen.
Sitting at the table, Johnny scarffed down lo mein and crab rangoons.  The chef brought him a pot of herbal tea, which he immediately drank.  That was the last thing that Johnny remembered.  When he awoke, he was in a strange new world full of magic.  He swore to cleanse his soul in this new land.

Klov, a young mage from the mountains spent much of his youth doing magic shows for the livestock on his parent's farm.  While many youths were taught magic at an early age, Klov found that his powers came naturally, however he could never get a full grasp fully on either the White or Dark arts.
This caused him to be very unpopular at the low rent magic school that his parents sent him too (think low rent Hogwarts).  Because his peers would pick on him, Klov also picked up many of the skills of a fighter.
Unknown to him, his teachers were keeping a close watch on him...they knew he was destined to go forth and bring together three companions to become The Warriors of Light

A feisty young black mage with a heart of gold and a wicked sense of humor.  Darn was named so because he was the 13th child of a local woman.  When he was born she said "Oh Darn!  Another one!"
Though Darn's a master of the dark arts, he refuses to use his powers for evil.  Darn's philosophy is that there can be no light with out darkness and harnesses his powers to prove so.
Though Darn is referred to as "he" by his companions...they actually have NO idea what gender Darn is, do to an androgynous voice and the fact that much like his cousin, Orko (who lives on Eternia) no one has ever seen his face.

These four are The Warriors of Light.  Stay tuned for their adventures!

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