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Friday, June 14, 2013

Final Fantasy - Back to the Grind....and then some!

So clearly, I am still under-powered.  Our intrepid heroes spent a few hours grinding away in hopes of not getting their asses handed to them on a silver platter.  Thank God for emulators and Save States because I made a few REALLY stupid mistakes last night.......

After a night of mead and an Atomic Bomberman LAN party, our heroes are feeling refreshed and ready to open up a can of whup-ass on some baddies.

After boarding our vessel and listening to Darn exclaim "I'm on a boat, yo!" about a million times, we set off in search of aquatic monsters to slay.  Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to grind we go!

"I think we're going to need a bigger boat!" quipped Darn.  Degh shot him a dirty look and then did what he knew he was born to do:  hit sharks with his nunchaku!  As it turns out, nunchako do do so hot against sea dwelling creatures.  Who knew? As usual, Barz picked up his slack and sliced up Jaws here with his blade pretty good.  Feeling cheeky, Darn finished him off with a big ol' blast of lightning.  Sushi anyone?

Immediately after defeating the shark, we ran into these freaks.  Two Odd Eyes and two Sahags. Damn, I hate Odd Eyes.  Mainly because they paralyze you with a hit.  Naturally, the monsters get first strike.  By some miracle, they all miss!  My turn.  I attack the Odd Eyes first, in hopes that I can avoid any paralysis.  Apparently the boys were still a bit tired from their bout with the shark, because they all missed too.  This was going to be a long battle.  Next round, Barz and Klov get paralyzed.  It was at this point that I realized I failed to buy any potions before leaving Corneria.  Brilliant.  Looks like it's up to Degh and Darn to save the day.  Darn casts sleep on the whole lot and it works.  Degh's nunchaku are still friggin useless apparently and he only manages 1 point of damage on an Odd Eye.  Darn steps up and unleashes some fire.  On Odd Eye Down.  Klov is released from paralysis and whacks the other Odd Eye killing it in one blow.  Barz cures and the four of them make fish sticks out of the Sahags.

I think it's time to go get some potions and perhaps grind on land for a while!

We head back to dry land, having to deal with some more Sahags along the way.  We reach dry land, slaughter a pack of Imps and head into Corneria to load up on some much needed potions.  With the inventory full it's time to head over the bridge to the northlands.

Three Mad Ponies are waiting on the other side of the bridge.  It's okay, we're doing alright at this point.  It's a bit of a struggle (them ponies kick HARD!) but we defeat them and get a very nice experience and gil haul.

Darn starts to sing a line from Mexican Radio "I wish I was in Tijuana eating barbequed Iguana!" and then roasts him with a fire spell.  Every one rolls their eyes (but they secretly love it) and takes a turn whacking the  lizard into submission.

Walking a little further we run into some Geists.  Undead fellows, eh?  This shouldn't be too hard....I had quite an easy time with the zombies and skeletons in Garlands crib.....no problem here!

Let's see how you guys like a little fire on your corpse asses!  Though Barz did manage to get a critical hit on one of them,

Fire has about the same effect as Degh's nunchaku do on sea life.  Fantastic.  Oh and look at that, Geists can stun you with one hit!  Oh yay, there are four of them hitting us all at once!  All four are stunned at once.  Total bullshit.  Klov and Darn get completely slaughtered.  Degh cures for one round and takes out one Geist and then is immediately stunned again.  This is not looking good.

Barz manages to come around and whacks another of the Geists out.  Yeah, we might actually have a shot here......oh wait.....Barz is stunned again.

The Geist are not stupid creatures apparently.  They target Barz primarily, taking a moment to whack Degh to make sure he stays stunned.  I am defenseless as I watch Barz fall to the assault.  Degh is the the last man standing.  No magic.  Wooden nunchaku.  Why the hell did I not upgrade his weapon yet?  The next few minutes are a desperate battle for survival.......

......that ends with the whole party dead.

SAVE STATES!  Luckily I saved just after buying up all the potion!

Upgrading Degh to some Iron Nunchaku was a good idea!  I also decided that Darn's wooden staff was worthless.  I tried to get him and Iron Staff, but that bastard wouldn't use it.  So I got him a large knife instead.  Seems to work a little better.  Also beefed up both Darn and Klov's magic skills!  These woves were  a cinch!

Oh hey now, this is like an 8-bit recreation of the Liam Neeson flick The Grey!  Only there's only one Grey Wolf.....the others are.....em.....orange?  Anyway, these guys don't give us much of a challenge.  We've managed to level up to a Level 7....but there's still a long way to go.  I want to be at least at level 10 before I even think about heading down to Elf land....there's friggin Ogres and Asps down there man!

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